Autumn Walks & Pebble Art

We’ve found some great walks and activities around Stockport that you and the family can enjoy!

A popular local walk is the Reddish Vale country park and its right on your doorstep, it starts at around the bottom of Reddish vale road plus you can also access off Tiviot way adjacent Tesco. It’s a great place to see lots of types of birds, squirrels or walk the dog.

Offerton has some great parks too; Woodbank Park or Vernon Park they have great open fields and a of variety paths. Plus a nature trail which is great for leisurely strolls.

Kicking leaves…Splashing puddles

Kids love this great activity it’s kicking piles of leaves or splashing in the puddles. All you need are your wellies and you are off… You can also collect conkers and pine cones to make decorations.

Pebble art a great activity for the kids…

You’ve probably seen lots of pebbles or rocks around in your local parks.
It’s the latest craze, there’s even a Facebook group called Stockport rocks it has 3,000 members.
They have set up a great game for the kids to do:
• Just decorate your pebbles with acrylic paint, permanent pens or nail polish
• You can find them near streams or buy them from pound shops or hobby shops
• Write on back “if found post on Stockport rocks on Facebook”
• Hide them in safe places in any local park, then other kids can go on the hunt for the pebbles then post it on Facebook …. it’s great fun

There are already some your local parks such as Woodbank, Torkington, Cale Green, Alexander Park & Bramhall, so get involved and get your rocks on Facebook.