Tenner Tips

A Sackful of Christmas saving tips…

Christmas is coming and our team at Stockport Credit Union would like to hear about how our members save money with their savvy Christmas money-saving tips and we will be handing out £10 for the best ones.

We want you to send us your Xmas tips by email and if we publish your tip we will credit your share one account with a tenner! We will be sharing the tips with all our members in the run-up to Christmas on our social media platforms. It’s really easy to enter, just email your tips to mail@stockportcu and put “Tenner Tips” in the subject box. We will publish the tips on our social media channels and we will pay £10 into your share one account if we use your tip. Scroll to the bottom of the page for full T&C’S.

If you don’t have an account yet open one here .

Here are some tips to get you started…

Don’t be tempted by high interest lenders

Make a realistic Xmas gift list and try to stick to it. Everyone wants to buy the best gifts for their friends and family but would your friends and family really want you to struggle and get into debt? There are lots of ways to create great Xmas gifts that show you care without breaking the bank, but if you are going to be applying for a Loan, watch out for those high interest lenders. Because we are a not-for-profit organisation we keep out interest rates as low as we can. Take a look.

Make your own decorations…

Why not string up popcorn, a great alternative or make paper chains in nice bright colors. Alternatively, cut out snowflakes, create tree toppers out of loo roll tubes, or cut up old Christmas cards to make baubles – check out Pinterest for more great ideas.

Make your own Christmas yummy goodies

Build a Gingerbread house… you can buy these for as little £4 from Morrison’s or make your own grab some cheap digestives and icing sugar and create your little house.

Make some homemade mince pies, it saves you money and they’ll taste yummy or make your own tree chocolates wrap in colorful wrapping paper a great fun favorite for the kids to do.

Another way to save is to set a budget of £5; our team at SCU have found some great ideas which are fun or useful check out a couple of Christmassy gift ideas:

Your local Card Factory offers many gifts under £5 such as a travel mug and hat plus there’s a  Fizz candle & Diffuser gift set or for the kids’, handy earmuffs with antlers, a fantastic gift for the cold weather.

Plan ahead with the Xmas Saver

A great way to plan for the big day is to open our Xmas Saver Account, this is a locked savings account that opens between October and December. You can set up a regular payment to save into it all year long towards Xmas. To open a Xmas saver just call the office or email mail@stockportcu.com.

Winning Tips

Our first winning tip is Amy from Stockport

“We take our children to the park on a hunt for pine cones and conkers then spray them with glitter or artificial snow they look fab hanging on the Christmas tree”

We found Snow spray from your local Poundland for £1.00 or Hobbycraft have a ready mix sparkle paint for £3.00

Second Winning tip from Joanna

“Have a money jar for spare change so you don’t need to keep getting cash out for things like bus fare and school dinners, more cost effective and you don ‘t spend £10 in a shop just to get change for a £2 bus fare! “

Third Winning tip from Tracey

“I always buy my Christmas crackers and wrapping paper just after Christmas ready for the next year. It’s so much cheaper and you get the posh crackers and paper for much cheaper”

Fourth Winning tip from Nicole

“Recycle your old wrapping paper and have a clear out of old gift boxes and bags and pass them on. Great for the environment and saves money”

Terms and Conditions of “Tenner Tips”

To submit your tip please email mail@stockportcu.com with “Tenner Tips” in the subject box.

Applicants can send us up to 5 tips each, however, we will only pay out one £10 reward per winning applicant.

 If we get a duplicate tip we will choose at random the recipient of the £10 award. This means the tip that you send us may be used but no reward is given.

We reserve the right to change the wording of your tip.

We will email you on the email address that you provided to us to inform you if we are publishing your tip.

Winning tips will be published on our social media platforms.

The £10 will be credited into a share one account of SCU.

Tenner Tips is open to SCU members, if an applicant is not a member to claim the £10 prize applicants must become a member. The prize will be credited into a share one account.

Tip selection is random.

If you don’t have an email address you may submit your tip by telephone call.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions of “Tenner Tips” at any time.