Coping at Xmas

Looking after each other and your mental health

For many Christmas is a time of celebration, but this year is a little different, we know from many of our members that isolation over the past year has taken a massive toll. Christmas should be a time for spending time with loved ones, however for many it’s not and it can be a very stressful time of year.

We all need to take a minute to take care of our mental health

Here are some tips for coping this Christmas……. 

Being realistic  – about what you can expect from this time together will help avoid disappointments or arguments. If you find a situation stressful, walk away if you can.

Take a break – take time out if you find stress levels rising. Go for a walk or listen to music helping you to relax and unwind.

Everything in moderation – it’s easy to over indulge at Christmas this can be a way of covering up difficult feelings. Try to avoid overindulgence go for a walk or do some exercise if possible.

Drink sensibly  – remember alcohol is a depressant which can cause low, mood, irritability or aggressive behaviour .

Establish a routine  – why not try to listen to relaxing music on a morning walk, getting a bit more exercise can help develop a healthier sleep pattern.

Ask for help if you are worried about Debt – If you are worried about Debt, help is available. Loan sharks and high interest money lenders pray on people who are desperate and struggling. Often a conversation with your creditor can help. Click Here for more.

If you are struggling with your mental health, help is widely available.