Grants Volunteer

What We Are Looking For

Do you have experience of applying for grants or making funding bids?

Do you care about your local community?

Are you interested in helping the people of Stockport live a little easier?

Are you interested in doing something amazing for a Stockport organisation?

Do you have some time to spare?

If so, we need your help! 

We are looking for volunteers.

The Role

There are regular opportunities for applying for funding for not-for-profit organisations such as ours. It is important that we maximise the potential that can come from external funding, so we recently established a sub-committee of our Board to oversee this important work. We are now seeking one lay-member for this committee, who can work alongside the other members of the committee to seek out and successfully apply for all appropriate funding opportunities.

About Us

We have ambitious growth plans and want to do better at serving our local community – we know that the demand in our community is greater than we are currently meeting. We are in the middle of an exciting transformation of our business, with lots of innovation and modernisation.

We are already supported in our work by a great team of volunteers, so we are well-used to working with volunteers and ensuring that we provide both a great welcome and training that suits their needs.

Who Would this Suit?

This role would suit someone who:

  • Has some time available
  • Wants to put existing skills to good use
  • Wants to become part of a great team

What is the commitment?

We are very flexible but would ask that you commit to a few hours a month. We realise that the nature of the work means that the engagement could have peaks and troughs depending on the availability of funding opportunities.

How do I find out more?

Contact our Chief Executive Jonathan Moore: