Lockdown Resolutions

Don’t let the lockdown stop you from achieving something great

Here at Stockport Credit Union, we see the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh slate and the perfect chance to start something new. We have put together some Stockport local offers that you can do safely from the comfort of your own home during the lockdown.


In 2020 we learned how important it is to come together in support of each other in hard times. If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, there is no better time than 2021. Volunteering can be a great way to help your community and look great on your CV. Find a variety of volunteering opportunities through Stockport Council’s Get Involved initiative: we also have our own volunteer positions here.

Start planning ahead

Why not start the year as you mean to go on and get your finances organised. Open our locked Christmas saver account and start planning to have the best Christmas ever this year. The account is locked until October meaning that you won’t be tempted to dip into it. Even if you just put £10 a month away it will be £100 towards Christmas that you will really appreciate when the time comes. You can use some of your child benefit payments to save if that helps you manage better. Click here for more.

Learn something new

Brush up on your computer skills with these two amazing free adult learning opportunities.

Stockport College are starting new Computer and Digital skills courses this January and you still have plenty of time to sign up: https://stockport.ac.uk/adult-courses/adult-learning/digital-skills

Boost your CV by undertaking one of a variety of courses from Think Employment: https://www.thinkemployment.com/stockport/

Planning on quitting smoking?

Getting healthy is more important than ever in the current climate so if your planning on quitting remember – You are four times more likely to quit smoking if you seek support from a specialist

Find invaluable support and information on quitting smoking with Healthy Stockport:


Get fit and healthy

There are a variety of opportunities to get fit and healthy in Stockport. Walking is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve high blood pressure, lower high cholesterol and help you lose weight. Check out Stockport Walking Outdoors Group (SWOG). Get fit and go on an adventure: https://www.facebook.com/SWOGstockport

Exercise will get you fit and healthy but is also proven to benefit mental health and wellbeing. Why not try something new that will help calm the body and mind, while also keeping you fit by doing some Tai Chi: https://www.jiantaiji.co.uk

The PARIS scheme is run by Life Leisure and is designed to help inactive people with chronic mild to moderate medical conditions become more physically active, whilst benefiting and improving their health: https://www.lifeleisure.net/health-wellbeing/exercise-referral/