New Chair – Same Core Vision

Stockport Credit Union is pleased to announce Mark Bates as its new Chairman. Mark was elected to the board by the membership at our AGM on Saturday 16th May.

Mark is a long-time local resident and has a 40-year career working in a wide variety of businesses; he currently holds a number of Chairmanship roles.

Commenting on his new role, Mark said:

“I’m delighted to have joined the Board of SCU and to be given the opportunity to succeed Philip Howcroft, who has done an outstanding job as Chairman.

The credit union’s important work is set out under its four Objectives: 1) the promotion of thrift among its Members by the accumulation of their savings; 2) the creation of sources of credit for the benefit of its Members at a fair and reasonable rate of interest; 3) the use and control of Members’ savings for their mutual benefit; and 4) the training and education of Members in the wise use of money and in the management of their financial affairs.

The Board’s intention is to continue to work to meet those four Objectives, and to better serve our existing and future membership across the whole of Stockport. We are excited by the opportunity.”

At our AGM, we said farewell to Philip Howcroft. Phil has been our Chairman for the last year, and prior to that was Secretary to the Board, having been a Board member since early 2017. Phil advised of his intention to retire from the Board at the turn of the year, and has continued to demonstrate his enormous commitment since then by overseeing the successful holding of the Union’s first ever virtual AGM, following the postponement of the planned March meeting due to the Corona crisis.

Commenting on Phil’s retirement from the Board, Chief Executive Jonathan Moore said “we’re incredibly sad to say goodbye to Phil and wish to thank him for his hard work over several years. His final act for us was to identify and recruit four outstanding new directors, and he can rightly feel proud of the legacy he leaves, with a strong Board, a renewed sense of vision and purpose, and a financially sound and growing credit union. We count Phil as a friend and will miss the meticulous attention to matters of governance that he has always displayed”.