Share One Account

About the Share One account

Every member of Stockport Credit Union has a Share One account, it’s the account that you are allocated when you become a member

You may use your Share One account in different ways depending on what you use Stockport Credit Union for. If you solely save with us and do not have a loan the share one account is your main savings account that you will be paid a dividend on if eligible. If you have a loan with us, the share one account is locked until the loan is repaid.

The Share One account is an instant access account (if it’s not locked against a loan) and you can transfer funds out via our member area and pay in via faster payment or through your payroll if your employee is one of our partners. You can have more than one share account with us. We also have the locked Xmas Saver account and you can have multiple share accounts that we would name Share 2 Share 3 etc.

If you have a loan with us, your Share One account is the account that your savings contribution is credited into. This is a great way of building up a savings pot whilst repaying your loan. Your Share One account balance will be locked until the loan is fully repaid. You can view the balance of your share account by registering with our member area.

The Share one account must have a minimum credit balance of £5.00 to remain an active account.