Social Media & Marketing Volunteer Opportunity

What We Are Looking For

Can you grow social reach and create growth and sales through digital channels?

Are you interested in helping people of Stockport live a little easier?

Are you interested in doing something amazing for a Stockport organisation?

If so, we need your help!  

We are looking for one or more volunteers who can help us:

  • Extend our reach within key audiences in Stockport
  • Increase our awareness and understanding
  • Motivate people to join us as members and then save or borrow with us

More importantly, we want someone who can help us achieve our objectives of helping people in Stockport.

If this sounds like you, we would love to talk to you and hear how you can help.

What’s involved?

We have ambitious growth plans and we need fresh, innovative, and eye-catching content to assist us achieve greater market penetration and brand recognition. At present we have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and we want to develop these further together with new opportunities such as Instagram and TikTok to enable us to become known throughout Stockport (and beyond) as being an organisation whose content is both frequent and brilliant. We have set ambitious targets for growth in postings and follower-numbers. 

Who Would this Suit?

This role would suit people who:

  • already have skills in marketing and/or social media development and want a new outlet to use their skills, or
  • have great ideas and wants to develop new skills, or
  • Work for an employer who provides time each month for their staff to volunteer in their local community, or
  • are on a college or university course which majors in marketing or social media studies and where the building and demonstration of practical skills are required.

What is the commitment?

We are very flexible but would ask that you commit to a few hours a month, ideally with some regular engagement each week so that the content created can be topical. This is a role that is ideally suited to home working although occasional face to face meetings are desirable as well.

How do I find out more?

Contact our Business Development Manager Clare Davis: