Stockport Credit Union – 24/7 Wellbeing Support

When it comes to wellness what comes to mind? Is it a hot bubble bath? Starting your morning with yoga and meditation? Taking long walks in the middle of the day?

As lovely as these things are, looking after your wellbeing often involves a lot more. At Stockport Credit Union we are passionate about ensuring that all of our members receive free, confidential wellbeing support – that’s more than just telling you to take a bubble bath!

We all have times when we need that extra bit of support, a guiding hand or someone to confide in, or signposting to services we actually require. That’s why we are offering a service which makes sure you get the support you require from the right people by working with an organisation called Spectrum Life

But first, what exactly is it that we can help with?

Engaging in ‘wellness support’ can relate to a massive range of problems or obstacles that may come our way and the 24/7 Wellness Service our members have access to is no different. It can help with mental health support, free counselling, discounts on certain supermarkets and high street shops and providing positive parenting tips. rained Counsellors are qualified to deal with topics such as (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, stress, grief and bereavement, addictions, relationship and marital problems, work stress and work-life balance issues, workplace conflict and communication and life transitions such as career progression or retirement.

Spectrum Life also have services which can help with legal assistance, financial assistance, consumer assistance, medication information, career guidance, life coaching, support with day to day issues and services and support for non-nationals and their families. This wide range of services means that we can help our members feel secure, understood and listened to.

This service also means we can help you keep more money in your pocket which we think will also help your wellbeing! It gives our members access to a wide range of discounts and savings, on national brands, including supermarket shopping, cinema tickets, clothes, hotels and much more. Many of the offers provide cash back too. We think this could be really useful to many members particularly at this time when people are facing a real Cost of Living challenge.

Accessing the Services provided by Spectrum Life is easy…

If you are interested in accessing this service you must be a Stockport Credit Union member and our services also extend to helping all of your dependent children, over the age of 16 years who still live at home. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and there’s multiple ways to access help.

You will need to register for this service.

Please contact us by phone on 0161 430 5808 or email and ask to register for the Spectrum Life Member Benefits. Once we have confirmed you are a member with us we will be able to send you the registration information.

Once you have registered, you can start saving straight away. You can have a look at the site to find amazing deals on just about anything! Typically 20% off supermarket shopping, 39% on cinema ticket, up to 60% off hotels and over 20 categories of deals. Smart technology shows ‘deals near you’ and all this can be conveniently accessed from any device.

If you want to access the Wellbeing Services, you can use the telephone hotline (which is free in the UK), through the digital wellbeing platform or via the app. On the platform you can request a call-back or you can use the live chat option. All cases that come into the 24/7 support line will be managed expertly by qualified Case Managers who are expert Counsellors and so will be able to treat each case with compassion, consideration and understanding.

Once you contact the service, you should expect to hear from a Counsellor within 48 hours – The Counsellors will then be able to offer you an appointment within five working days and will arrange your first session with you.

At Stockport Credit Union we believe that all of our members have the right to free, confidential wellbeing support with experienced experts. All of the Spectrum Life team has the same passion to help our members across our multitude of services. If you are looking for help and support, and think this service may be able to assist you with that, you can contact the service by logging in to your members Benefits account.