Stockport Credit Union Fifteenth Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given of the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Stockport Credit Union which will be held by virtual conference on Saturday 27th March 2021 at 11.15am until 12.45pm.

Below you will find:

  1. Annual Report and Financial Statements, and nominations forms
  2. Meeting Agenda
  3. Details on Elections for Officers and how to vote online
  4. Arrangements for how to join the meeting

All members will be sent a written notice by post from 24th February 2021.

It’s very important to note that you need to register in advance to receive the virtual conference details for attending the AGM. Please do this as soon as possible using the information below and don’t wait until the last minute. We need to link each registration to your member account.

If you want to receive paper copies of any of this information please contact the team on


Please check back later


Please check back later

If you wish to nominate yourself or others for a position in the elections you can download a Nominations form and return the form by Friday 12th March 2021. Instructions are detailed on the form.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Presentation by the Chief Executive Jonathan Moore
  2. Highlights from the Annual Report and Financial Statements
  3. Q&A from the members on the Annual Report and Financial Statements
  4. AGM meeting and official business (appendices refer to the Annual Report)
    • A. Apologies for absence
    • B. RESOLUTION 1: Approval of Minutes of the Fourteenth AGM (see Appendix 1 and Appendix 9)
    • C. Matters arising from the minutes of the Fourteenth AGM 
    • D. RESOLUTION 2: Adoption of the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 September 2019 (see Appendix 2)
    • E. RESOLUTION 3: Approval of the Distribution from Surplus (see Appendix 3)
    • F. RESOLUTION 4: Re-appointment of the External Auditors (see Appendix 4)
    • G. RESOLUTION 5: Results of the Election of Board Directors (see Appendix 5)
    • H. RESOLUTION 6: Results of the Election of the Credit Committee (see Appendix 6)
  5. Vote of Thanks and Meeting Close

Elections for Officers and How to Vote

In accordance with Rules 90 through 92 voting will comprise:

  • Ballot for Elections of Directors and the Credit Committee this will be by ONLINE VOTE below.
  • Voting on the AGM business will be by ONLINE VOTE below or IN PERSON at the AGM

Following a rule change last year, members may vote online by proxy if they are unable to attend the AGM.

You’ll find the biographies of all the Board Directors and members of the Credit Committee standing for election in the Annual Report. If you would prefer a ballot paper please contact the office

Arrangements for how to join the meeting

In accordance with Rule 92, the meeting will be held by video conference using Zoom. With over 4,000 members this allows us to reach even more people.

How do I register for the AGM?

STEP 1: Members need to register for the conference by going to

STEP 2: When prompted enter your personal details and click Register

You’ll receive an email with detailed joining instructions. You can also save this information to your calendar – Keep this information safe

Make sure you’re ready for the meeting and download any files or apps in advance