Welcome Team Volunteer

What We Are Looking For

Do you care about your local community?

Are you interested in helping the people of Stockport live a little easier?

Are you interested in doing something amazing for a Stockport organisation?

Do you have some time to spare?

If so, we need your help! 

We are looking for Welcome Team volunteers

We are in the fortunate position of experiencing high volumes of new members joining us. We want to build a fantastic onboarding experience for these new members, which will include:

  • Undertaking administrative checks such as checking ID
  • Setting up new members on our computer system
  • Sending out welcome packs
  • Speaking to new members on the phone to welcome them and to handle any initial enquiries which they have
  • Following members up a few weeks down the line to check that their experience was good and to answer any queries they have
  • Encouraging members to transact with the credit union – to borrow, to save, or to borrow and save
  • Closing the accounts of dormant members who no longer wish to transact, following interaction with them

This role is ideally suited to someone who enjoys speaking to people on the phone and has strong customer service skills and a confident but friendly telephone manner. We want our credit union to have a reputation for giving a very personalised and professional service where our members are treated as valuable individuals rather than simply customers.

The role lends itself to being split into the customer facing and administrative tasks, so we welcome enquiries from people who are attracted to one part of the role.

About Us

We have ambitious growth plans and want to do better at serving our local community – we know that the demand in our community is greater than we are currently meeting. We are in the middle of an exciting transformation of our business, with lots of innovations and modernisation.

The Covid-19 crisis means that we expect there to be significantly increased demand for our products and services in the period ahead, and we are now positioning ourselves ready for this expected increase in membership and loan applications.

We are already supported in our work by a great team of volunteers, so we are well-used to working with volunteers and ensuring that we provide both a great welcome and training that suits their needs. Our volunteer team is already substantial, so you will feel part of a real community.

Who Would this Suit?

This role would suit people who:

  • Have some time available
  • Want to put existing skills to good use
  • Want to become part of a great team
  • Already have office-based experience to draw-upon
  • Can work with speed and accuracy and without lots of supervision

What is the commitment?

We are very flexible but would ask that you commit to a few hours a month, ideally with some regular engagement each week.

How do I find out more?

Please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator Debbie Brown: debbie.brown@stockportcu.com