Apply to be a Friend of Stockport Credit Union

This form is for savers that want to help spread the message and financially support the Credit Union to achieve its aims. By becoming a Friend of Stockport Credit Union you pledge to save a certain amount and promote us within the local community.

For more information on the scheme get more details here.

Section A: About You

Section B: Friends of SCU Pledge


As a Friend of Stockport I pledge the following:


Although you have pledged to keep at least £250 in your savings account, we commit to provide you an instant access account so you will be able to withdraw the monies if you need to, in the same way that any other member would be able to access their savings, whilst operating within our normal terms and conditions.

We will provide periodic updates about the work we are doing, so that you can understand the benefit that your support is creating, and provide you the tools and stories for you to carry out your ambassadorial pledge.

Section C: New Member Info

Please only complete this section if you are a new member, otherwise proceed straight to Section D.

If you wish to nominate a bank account for share withdrawals this means we can process payments same-day for requests received before 2pm. Without this permission payments are one-off requests which can take more time.

Nomination Declaration: If I die while a member of the credit union, I want all the property (up to £5000) I have in the credit union to be transferred to the person(s) named below:

Section D: GDPR & Marketing

We produce a periodic email newsletter about the work of the credit union and covering matters which relate to the Friends of Stockport Credit Union. This helps us conserve cost whilst achieving maximum benefit.

To ensure you can receive this important information to help you fulfil your ambassadorial pledge you must agree to allow us to send this and other marketing. Please confirm your marketing preferences for Stockport Credit Union as below:

Our privacy notice is available on our website or please ask for a paper copy