Top-Up Loan Application

This loan is for existing members who wish to apply for a Top-Up Loan.

To use this form you must first answer ‘Yes’ to the pre-qualifying questions below. If You do not qualify for a top-up loan, please return to the main forms page and complete a full loan application.

Section A: Pre-Qualifying Questions

Section B: Top-Up Loan Application

To be eligible for the affordability criteria we must check that your payment history with us is already good.

(a) For top-ups of less than £500 you must have met all repayments in the last 12 months on any SCU loans held during that time; OR,

(b) For top-ups of between £500 and £1500 you must have met all payments in the last 24 months on any SCU loans you held during that time.

Section C: Personal Details

Please provide the bank details for us to send your loan monies to:
(Note:These bank details will replace any former bank details for your nominated bank account unless you tell us otherwise)

Section D: Declaration and Processing Requirements

For top-up loan requests of more than £500, we will require your most recent bank statement, and this must show satisfactory account conduct. You may be asked to supply this through our Nivo app or by email to, quoting your member number. Please note that we will be unable to process your application until this is received.