Stockport Needs You!

Becoming a Friend of Stockport Credit Union

Help us to help those who live in Stockport by becoming a Friend of Stockport Credit Union.  It is a simple concept. Our aim is to get 1,000 new friends committing £1,000 to a savings account.

You move £1,000 of your money from your existing bank where it is probably sitting without getting much interest, and we’ll give you back so much more.

Firstly, each year we pay a dividend according to our performance. In recent years, this has ranged between 0.5%-0.8%, which is more than comparable with most high street banks’ and building societies’ rates for instant-access cash savings.

Secondly, and more importantly, the money we have on deposit allows us to lend more money to those in Stockport who may need a little bit more help: putting food on the table, paying rent, buying school uniforms and making ends meet.  By paying less interest to us than they would pay to a ‘for profit’ lender, our members are able to spend the savings they make in their community, further supporting the local economy.

Thirdly as we are regulated, just like a bank, your money is protected by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) as if it was held in a bank. Money saved with us is every bit as safe as it would be with a high street bank.

How it works:

STEP 1: Become a Friend

Sign up HERE to become a friend to Stockport Credit Union. We will complete your application and let you know as soon as we have set you up.

STEP 2: Deposit your money

Deposit your money to your account using the details on our standing order mandate form, and while you’re there why not set up a regular savings payment?  Whilst this is an instant access account, we would love you to be able to keep the money with us – the longer it is with us the more good we can do together.

STEP 3: Share the love

Tell your friends, family and contacts what a wonderful thing you have done and how they too can help us help those who live in Stockport live that little bit easier.

Why not download a badge to put on your social media to show your friends that you’re a Friend of Stockport Credit Union, or in our 1,000 club?

Thank you once again for visiting us and becoming a Friend. We all need a good friend like you.